Hi! I'm Laura, the owner and main photographer of LD Photography. I'm also a...

  • Sunset Lover

  • French Fry, Croissant and Cheese Addict

  • Wine Enthusiast

  • World Traveler

  • Plant and Cookbook Hoarder

  • Obsessive Dog Mom / Animal Lover

  • Nine Inch Nails Super Fan

When I'm behind my camera, I specialize primarily in outdoor wedding and portrait photography. I prefer to use natural light whenever possible, and my goal is to capture your special day, family, children, pet (or just you!) in an honest, relaxed and beautiful way. Rather than posing you constantly, I prefer to gently direct you in a way that focuses on capturing candid and authentic moments. I love bold, bright, true to life colors in my photos which I believe keeps them timeless, regardless of what current trends come and go. I also love, love, love black and white photography!

Now, I want to hear all about you! Reach out and say hi!

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